Misfits’ letter to the world

Hello there!

Creativity is unreckonable, right? It comes in so many forms from so many walks of life!

Engineers can write jingles. Bankers can illustrate. Top seeders can fall. Interns can rescue the team. Learners can unlearn.

While vibing with our pride of specialists, we binge on the broader picture – excellence. As young zero-gravity thinkers, we try, discover, learn, and unlearn together daily. We share our failures because ‘Bugs Acche Hain’ and laud success with a ‘Pat on the Back’. Learning is our cream between two oreo cookies of success and failure.

There is an abundance of rediscovery (and memes) in our creative goldmine situated in India’s cleanest city (that’s unmissable). Same pinch if you hate solos. Okay bye!

Yours truly,

Team manifesto – What’s in it for you

Thrive in a healthy ecosystem

Our people-first culture is your F5 key. Read, take a walk or chug coffee or tea to clear your head. Your work, your methods.

Get the freedom to fail

Did something great? Cool! Did something wrong? AWESOME! Spill the beans. Learn to criticise yourself by embracing success and failure with equal joy.

Rediscover ‘you’

Unleash your potential by hunting down challenges. If you have the hunger to learn and grow, we have the buffet for you. Come, gorge on, grow.

Unlearning simplified

Learning is methodical, unlearning is a discovery. Invent or innovate better with the opportunity to unlearn the customary. Jump off the cliff.

Unlock like Sherlock

Develop the knack of knowing the audience’s pulse from what’s usually overlooked. Master the perspective-driven approach to thinking.

Cease the size mindset

Wrong the article of faith by creating work that tickles the competitiveness of players from larger geographies. Disrupt. Quality speaks for itself.

Rise as the chieftain

Take the driver’s seat often as we watch you maneuver. When ready, you might just be the next hand-picked chief from within the system.